Daisy Gilardini: New Big 5 podcast


Daisy Gilardini: New Big 5 podcast

Daisy Gilardini is a Swiss wildlife photographer, now based in Canada, whose work has appeared in publications such as National Geographic, Smithsonian, BBC Wildlife and Nature’s Best. She’s also collaborated with the likes of Greenpeace and WWF. Though she’s worked all over the world, she’s described the Arctic and Antarctica as “an addiction and an obsession”.

In this podcast, we talk about polar bears and penguins, and Daisy’s love of icy wilderness regions, far from social media and negative news. She also discusses the changes she’s seen over 20 years in the polar regions, caused by climate change, as well as uncharacteristic expeditions to photograph frogs in Costa Rica.

New Big 5 podcast by Graeme Green.

Running time: 29.48.

Photo by Daisy Gilardini

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