Which 5 animals would you like be included in the New Big 5?

Tell us: which are your favourite 5 animals from around the world to photograph or to see in photographs?
Click on the circle for each 1 of your 5 choices, then hit ‘Submit’.

People can only vote once. If you have voted before, the list of animals will not appear here.

We’ve put together a shortlist to choose from that we think represents the world’s most popular animals.

Animals in the New Big 5 of Wildlife Photography can be from anywhere in the world, not just Africa. We’re focusing the New Big 5 on land animals. Marine life and birds are not currently included. We are big fans of the oceans, marine creatures and birds. We believe they deserve attention in their own right. We hope to do separate projects focusing on marine life and birds in the future.

Chimp photo (top) by Thomas D Mangelsen

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